Gradient IMP is a software and hardware-based system designed to monitor and control technological processes, processes for ensuring the functioning and power supply of facilities. It allows to transfer information about the state of systems to the dispatching services for assessing, preventing and eliminating the consequences of destabilizing factors in real time, as well as for transmitting information about the forecast and the fact of emergencies.

Gradient kilby software received a certificate of state registration of copyright in 2020

Effects of Gradient IMP Implementation

For municipalities

  • early prediction and detection of operating troubles of life support systems, communication and security systems, as well as minimizing the consequences of these incidents;
  • “transparency” in work with Management Companies and energy suppliers.

For Management Companies

  • reduction in operational expenditures;
  • automated ordering of components and consumables.

For households

  • the possibility of reducing tariffs due to better efficiency of energy supply and utilities;
  • access to open data and “public control”.

For businesses

  • savings on building maintenance;
  • cost predictability;
  • “transparency” in terms of connection to capacities.


Energy Efficiency ASSISTANT:

  • issues recommendations for reducing energy consumption at facilities
  • builds energy consumption curves for each of the objects and provides information in a convenient form

Equipment Control ASSISTANT:

  • controls the availability of spare parts and accessories in accordance with datasheet specifications of equipment installed at facilities
  • creates order in the absence of spare parts and accessories in warehouses
  • gives recommendations on equipment maintenance by key parameters