The leader of the consortium of the SEZ Innopolis resident companies in the Smart City technology applications.

Members of Consortium:

Gradient Kilby

Representation of a city (quarterly) multi-level power system built on the principles of the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly engineering solutions using advanced digitalization technologies


Solutions in the field of computer vision and HD-mapping. The video surveillance system can be used throughout the city, connect to the existing network of video cameras and provide comprehensive analytics and security


Solutions in the field of smart parking based on machine vision and training systems to produce real-time information and further prediction. System for monitoring and recording data on the state of the air environment with the possibility of visualization and statistical analysis.


Complex solutions for smart management for various city, industrial and business structures, solutions for the organization of intelligent urban infrastructure and various information services

Innopolis university

Creating a platform that includes modules for visualization and analysis of urban data, as well as the functions of their automatic updating

TEAM force

Formation of project teams for Russian and international companies. Creation of an infrastructure that unites market players for the implementation of large projects.

PRO Realty

Professional operation with the implemented system of predictive analysis


RWM Capital

IT Smart city