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Gradient Kilby – different view of the grid

As an independent business unit under the Gradient Kilby trademark, the Smart Grid integrator company, was founded from a design and engineering center with a history since 1996.

Since 2017, Gradient Kilby Ltd. has the status of a resident of technology – innovative Innopolis SEZ in the IT center of Russia.

R&D center and center of competence in distributed digital energy is located in the city of Innopolis.

Gradient Kilby is the integrator of Smart Grid solutions

  • Development of software systems with Machine Learning technologies and predictive analytics of engineering infrastructure.
  • Design and construction of turnkey facilities based on Renewable Energy Sources
  • Implementation of advanced energy-efficient solutions in engineering networks and structural elements
  • Designing small-scale local solar power plants
  • Geophysical research and design of geothermal stations
  • Integration of RES facilities with peripheral devices inside buildings through KNX-automation
  • Selection of rational solutions for short- and long-term storage of green energy (Electric and hydrogen energy storages)
  • Programming of the lower and upper level, preparation of operating facilities for integration into the "Smart City"
Russia: 420500, Innopolis, A.S. Popov Administrative and Business Center, Gradient Kilby Ltd., тел. 7(843)216-06-28