Group of companies "GradProekt-Evrovent" was founded in 1996.

In 2017, the group of companies received the «Gradient Kilby» trademark (The first word consists of the parts of the words «GradProekt» and «Eurovent», the second is the name of the Nobel laureate who came from business to applied science, the «father» of the calculator and the first printed circuit board). Under this trademark Group of companies founded a new business unit, the Smart Grid integrator, developing activities in the CIS countries and abroad.

Gradient Kilby Ltd (Gradient Kilby) received the status of a resident of the technical innovation type Special Economic Zone ‘’Innopolis’’ in the IT center of Russia, creating a competence center in the distributed digital power.

Gradient Kilby is the integrator of Smart Grid solutions

  • Design and construction of turn-key projects on the basis of Renewable Energy Sources
  • Introduction of advanced energy-efficient solutions in engineering networks and structural elements
  • Designing small local solar power plants
  • Geophysical research and design of geothermal stations
  • Integration of objects of renewable energy sources with peripheral devices inside buildings through KNX-automation
  • Selection of rational solutions for short-term and long-term storage of green energy. (Electric and hydrogen energy storages)
  • Programming of the lower and upper level, preparation of operational objects for integration into the "Smart City".

For reference

The company "GradProekt" (Krasnodar) performs the functions of the General Contractor, assuming full responsibility for all phases of design and construction, is an EPC contractor in the construction of energy-efficient buildings and structures, process facilities, tanks, trestles, supports, etc.

«Management company «GradProekt» Ltd (Moscow) specializes in the complex solution of issues related to the design and installation of systems of technological sections, power supply, automation, dispatching, access control, automated process control, low-voltage networks, heat supply, ventilation, air conditioning, and water supply and water disposal.

"PO Eurovent" Ltd (Moscow) - manufacturer of the first energy-efficient industrial HVAC equipment in Russia (according to the SPR version)

NTC "Evrovent" Ltd (Togliatti) - manufacturer of indirect adiabatic cooling systems, in October 2017 the company received the status of TOSER resident in Togliatti.

Smart Grid show-room, which is a research complex "Institute of Hybrid Energy", classified by ABB as the "future building", was launched in 2016.


The clients of the group of companies are:

PJSC Rosneft, PJSC Sibur Holding, Lukoil, Rostek, OAK, Tander (Magnit), Retail X5 grpoup, FREZENIUS MEDICAL KEA HOLDING LLC, PJSC GAZPROM, RZD, RCC "Progress", PJSC "Kuibyshevazot", JSC "TogliattiAzot" and others.


Russia: 420500, Innopolis, Administrative and Business Center named after A.S. Popov, «Gradient Kilby» Ltd, tel. 7(843)216-06-28