Smart Grid Solutions

Мodern power supply network of objects is a complex set of information-driven planning. Gradient Kilby is the integrator of Smart Grid solutions. We design and build Smart Grid objects on the basis of our own geophysical and insolation studies by integrating Renewables (small local solar and geothermal stations) using KNX automation and energy storage to existing conventional forms of energy supply.

Our simulation methods of energy consumption and generation allow us to optimize the capital and operating costs during the construction and operation of both energy limited and remote isolated objects.

In the design, configuration and management of the Smart Grid facility, we use about 30 units of proprietary software and partner companies. Therefore, most of the work is done by Engineers with advanced IT skills who specialized in: Power Supply, Heat & Gas Supply and Ventilation, Chemical, Production Technology Automation, Instrumentation & Automation.

Our R&D and personnel training partners

IT Engineering
Autonomous non-profit organization of higher education "University of Innopolis"
Smart Energy Engineering
Autonomous organization of education "Nazarbayev University"
Electrical and chemical engineering
The Federal State Budgetary Institution of Higher Professional Education "Togliatti State University"

Key benefits of Smart Grid

Investment savings in electrical generating capacity and network
Reducing capital costs for solar equipment (wind, mini hydro power plant), interim energy storage and long-term energy storage.

Energy Efficiency
Optimal energy consumption leads to a multiple reduction in operating (communal) costs.

In terms of response to changes in power consumption mode.

Safety and comfort
SmartGrid continuously monitors all network elements in terms of the safety of their operations and needs of the people.


  • Full automatic control of renewable energy sources, storage devices, controlled buildings load.
  • Implementation of continuous optimization using the latest prediction algorithms.
  • Smoothing and load peak shifting over time.
More about automation, dispatching and control

Examples of completed and ongoing projects

Educational center ‘Sirius’, Smart Grid laboratory
Nazarbayev University, Smart Grid energy test site
JSC “Tander”, “green” hypermarket
The concept of energy cluster of the agrocomplex in Krasnodar Krai
Smart Grid Office Center
Smart Grid Petrol filling station, Astrakhan region, Kharabali city
Smart Grid Remote Village, Yakutia